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Organizations are truly innovative if they change competition into partnership and co-petition


Next delivers training activities specifically adapted (methods, objectives, timing) according to clients’ formative needs and expectations.


Believing on the strategic value of training as a tool for organizational and skills development, Next designs and carries out training processes able to support the needs for change and innovation aimed at generating learning processes that allow organizations and people to give meaning to their experience. Learning processes are designed through an exploration of specific organizational problems, and an evaluation both context’s peculiarities and available resources. This allows to define and shape initiatives according to different needs and to treat in a depth the object of work.

Starting from this perspective, training is considered as a device where trainees are actors of a learning process meant first of all as co-design: training facilitate the process of representations building and at the same time activate the co-design of learning processes.

The methodology of work adopted in the training interventions is thus aimed at facilitating the elaboration activity in order to give value and activate personal skills.


Main training topics and learning areas

Business Start up / Communication and quality of working processes / Roles, professions, competences and organizational contexts/ Participative planning/ Action-research /Projects monitoring and evaluation/ Writing in professional contexts / Service Charters / Social change and policies/ Third sector and the welfare systems / Active citizenship/ Migration, mobility and globalization/ Drug addictions / Education to legality / Innovation and urban creativity / Circular Economy.




next / team / what we think / what we do / what we write / partners / projects / contact us
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