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Organizations are truly innovative if they change competition into partnership and co-petition

Next has taken part in several actions aiming to test methods and tools developed within the domain of social and technological innovation, to improve social services networking, knowledge upgrade and circulation for staff members of organizations dealing with social work through the design and implementation of ICT tools and organizational devices.


Zisa Creativa
With the project “ZisaCreativa” (Creative Ziza), Next - in partnership with Clac, Arca and a dozen of other organizations - creates an hybrid space to incubate creative industries and cultural micro-businesses. The place, property of the Palermo Municipality and physically located in the Hangar no. 10 at CANTIERI CULTURALI ALLA ZISA in PALERMO will also promote social inclusion activities

Research project Urban Cosmographies / Palermo Internationalization through Heritage

Urban Cosmographies describes the recent changes that have occurred within the urban texture of the sicilian capital, focusing on places and artefacts connected to international exchanges. The research is based on the hypothesis that change in contemporary  cities is increasingly dependent on flows of capital, people, knowledge and skills. In other words, large cities are cosmopolitan because they mix references, investments, trajectories with highly differentiated backgrounds.

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Parterre - Electronic Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development

In 2012 Next has participated in the Eu funded Parterre Project implementing the use of electronic town meetings and co-design activities with the population of the south periphery of Palermo on behalf of the University of Palermo. etm On behalf of the Municipal Administration of Palermo and in cooperation with local partners Next has delivered (2013-15) a wide set of activities based on electronic town meetings facilitated by interaction online platforms, co-design of online sources within the participatory processes implemented by the city of Palermo.

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Collaborative Arena

In between 2014 and 2016 Next has developed activities of “smart collaborative arena” on behalf of the University of Palermo in order to support networking and co-creation processes of local stakeholders including third sector organisations and schools.


Within the EU funded Netkite Next has supported local groups of four countries to interact through ICT tools (etm's, collaborative platforms) on behalf of Arca Consortium.

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Peripatos - (Incubation processes for Promotion of new technologies based self-employment of Disadvantaged people)

As a part of a broader commitment in activities to support financial autonomy and self-employment of fragile people at risk of marginalization, Next launched the project Peripatos in co-operation with Opera Don Calabria and the Businees Incubator (University of Palermo "Arca").

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Prison Projects
Since 2001, Next has been designing and delivering training course and pieces of research targeted both to inmates and members of the prison staff in Sicily and Calabria.

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