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Organizations are truly innovative if they reproduce resources instead of consuming them

Next deals with strategies and developmental interventions to foster innovation within organisations and in social contexts.

Next institutional activities range from action-research and social innovation projects and services to participatory and collaborative processes through the use of co-design methodologies and ICT tools.

Among our stakeholders there are institutions, public and private enterprises and both profit and third sector businesses.

Organisational consultancy, social planning, strategic marketing, social research, training and supervision are our main work tools for clients.

The interventions that we lead concentrate mainly on the process of change within organisations, focusing both on communication difficulties within workgroups as well as reading the social processes that influence organisational dynamics.

Training courses and supervision session for welfare and social workers are also among the usual activities. Training and codesign interventions concentrate mainly on the process of change within organisations and society.

Besides, with the label Catamiati, Next delivers micro-enterprise start up consulting, coaching and mentoring services. With the label Manifattura Ricerche Digitali Next develops digital analysis based on social media platform information streams, in order to map social practices and change in shared cultural perceptions.






next / team / what we think / what we do / what we write / partners / projects / contact us
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