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un'organizzazione è innovativa se trasforma la competizione in partnership e co-petizione

The ongoing social and economical transformations require to adopt a surplus of creativity and design capacity in order to allow institutions, no profit bodies and companies to face challenges and solve new problems. Next offers planning services by considering both the strategic dimension and the technical dimension of planning.

In this framework we support our clients and partners in all phases of the design process regarding EU, national, regional and local funds by facilitating the ideation, partnership building, form filling and call submitting. If needed, Next can intervene on the following phases of realization of projects approved (executive planning, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, audit reporting).

In case of projects where results involve specific organizational contexts or territories Next adopts the methodology of participative planning and its tools (Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Analysis, GOPP method etc.).



next / team / what we think / what we do / what we write / partners / projects / contact us
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