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un'organizzazione è innovativa se trasforma la competizione in partnership e co-petizione

Tools for participation and collective elaboration

Next specializes in planning and realization of multi-actors participative processes. Methodologies adopted in this field range from Electronic Town Meeting (ETM) to Open Space Technology (OST), from Collaborative Arena to co-design workshops. The production of social budgeting and service charter produced through participative approaches constitutes the preferred tools of budgeting and organizational innovation useful both for citizens and for personnel of the administrations involved. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Electronic Town Meeting

Electronic Town Meeting ETM is a participative methodology specifically designed to allow big number of people to discuss choices and strategies. Born in the context of civic discussions, ETM has been widely adopted as a tool chosen by local administrations in order to facilitate citizen participation to choose on subjects of public interest. This methodology is also suitable to facilitate the elaboration of proposals and internal discussion inside professionals orders, companies, companies chian and public-private ecosystem.



Collaborative Arena

Collaborative Arena The methodology of collaborative arena [CA] consists of a digital/phisic/hybrid and interactive model of territorial intervention. The methodology CA combines the typical tools of research intervention able to produce empowerment of territories and local and translocal actors with techniques of textual elaboration, mapping and visualization able to produce significant resritutions to the actors themselves.


Laboratori di Co-design

Co-design workshops Consist of inquiry and co-creation sessions able to contribute to the creation of prototypes and new organizational models thanks to the collaboration with experts , users , members of the public administration , technical . The laboratories of co-design , that we conducted following the Living Lab approach and methodology are very useful in the design of new products and services or inside innovation processes of existing services.


Carte Services chart and Social budgeting

The elaboration of a Services chart and Social budgeting certainly implies a communication effort and therefore of opening towards outside, however, requires an effort that is not merely informative : to tell others "who we are, what we do and how we we do" , that is, to write the heart of the Charter or the Budget, it must first take a look inside , to understand " who we are, what we do and how we do it . " The most effective Budgeting and the Charters are those whose final document are the result of participatory processes involving a large number of subjects (staff of the organizations , users , etc . ) and where the elaboration of the Charter constitutes the ' opportunity for collective reflection on the different meanings of quality in a specific public service .



next / team / what we think / what we do / what we write / partners / projects / contact us
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