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Organizations are truly innovative if they reproduce resources instead of consuming them


Organizational consultancy and methodological supervision

Next offers consulting services for individuals and groups, entrepreneurship, public bodies and no profit organizations. We guide the client in the process of exploration and definition of the organizational structure. According with a psychosocial approach the duration of the intervention can varies a lot depending on the objectives agreed with the client.



Through supervision we accompany individuals and work groups into the process of recognizing the many organizational dimensions in order to develop competences and skills of analysis and understanding of problems affecting organizational contexts. During the process of supervision is possible to re-examine work and enterprenarial experience in order to rethink personal, professional and organizational planning and to experiment working methods able to develop operational choices and strategies: from planning in itinere of service activities to the evaluation of productive processes for the realization of significant products. The in-depth analysis can regard work group dynamics in order to activate learning processes on different competences and types of tool useful for the practice of role and functions inside organizations producing services. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Catamiati – Consulting for business start up

Catamiati is a service specifically designed for supporting who has and entrepreneurial idea. With Catamiati, Next supports its clients in the creative process that allows to imagine how own enterprise will be, what it will produce, how and for who. With Catamiati Next support processes of growth and development of specific enterprises and of the territories belonging to them. Our consulting services aim to facilitate products and process innovation.

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next / team / what we think / what we do / what we write / partners / projects / contact us
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